Light Commercial Inspection

We inspect small commercial properties such as store fronts, churches, office buildings, warehouses under 10,000 sf, restaurants, breweries and various other types of investment properties.  


A light commercial inspection is a general overview of all major systems and components present at the time of the inspection including the structure, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, exterior, interior, built in equipment and appliances. Due to the similarities in construction between residential properties and light commercial properties our inspection approach of light commercial properties is very comparable to how we conduct our Certified Residential Inspections. We follow the Standards of Practice provided by InterNACHI when inspecting commercial properties. 

Common questions we help to answer: Is this a safe working environment for employees and customers? Is the electrical system adequate? What type of roof system and HVAC system are in place? What is the condition of the plumbing? and much more... 

Definition:  Light Commercial as defined by Albanese Property Inspections is a real property of less than 10,000 square feet containing no heavy manufacturing/process equipment, a residential structure converted for commercial/office use, or if a multi unit residential property, possesses more than 4 residential units.  If the property is more than two stories, does not possess internal access to the roof, or uses a roofing system that requires highly specialized skills for installation and assessment, a sub-contracted assessment by a properly licensed and experienced roofing contracting firm will be used.

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