re-inspection/ repair confirmation

A Repair Confirmation or Re-Inspection is a follow up to your previous Certified Home Inspection and is typically requested after the required or recommended repairs and/ or modifications have been completed. If a defect or safety issue is found during the initial inspection than its vital to hire Albanese Property Inspections to come back out to your future home and verify that the repairs or modifications were done properly. It is very common for homeowners to "fix" issues found during the inspection in various ways in order to save as much money as possible prior to closing.

Each re-inspection is performed by the original home inspector within 90 days of the initial inspection. The aim of this inspection is to confirm that the work was completed by a licensed contractor and that any prior issues observed during the initial inspection have been resolved. Repair Confirmation Inspections are performed under the same guidelines as a Certified Home Inspection. Before you sign the contract make sure the repairs were done the right way.

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